Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding Yourself

My poor's been so lonely. I haven't posted any updates on here in about a month or so, maybe a little more. But, apparently that's far too long to let my blogspot collect dust because in the past month i've done more growing and self discovery than I have in the last 19 years altogether. Since the fire I've quit smoking cigarettes, which is easier said than done. I would totally recommend it for you too if you're a smoker. Because once you quit smoking you're motivated to ameliorate yourself in so many other aspects of your life. For example, I'm going to the gym now, going to work and getting that CHECK, taking school more seriously, and really just taking my SELF more seriously. It's so nice finding yourself...I mean really finding yourself. You know you've found yourself when you're finally ready to do things for yourself that you realize you probably should have been doing your whole life. Prioritizing, taking care of your body, and learning who your true loved ones are and showing them that you care every single day are things you'll find yourself doing when you find yourself. Another thing you'll discover is that you actually love yourself more than you could've ever imagined, because every decision you've made up to this point has lead to this awesome juncture in your life where the world is your oyster and no one can take charge of your life other than your damn self that you know and love. So to everyone, I wish you a happy 2011 and may you find yourself too, because once you do you'll find yourself living, REALLY living, for the first time in this tick tock life. :)

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