Monday, December 6, 2010

omfg (oh my financial gods)

i went to the bank today, with 518 bucks to my name. that's how much rent costs. i went to go pay my rent with cash, and they don't accept cash, only checks and money orders. so i go to the bank to get a money order, but it costs three dollars. i don't have three dollars. i have zero. ha. i literally can't afford to use my own money and it's really kind of funny. funny enough to make me get off my lazy [bottom] and look for a job. Because it took this long for me to realize that i couldn't just "use a job", i actually need one and i'm more than ready to work. thank god :] now i just hope someone hires me for the holidays. 'tis the season, so give me a damn job santa! kthnx


  1. well thanks sean. haha if i could fly to where you are right now i would!